Appendix A – The Captain’s Quotes

The apprehensive look on the boy’s face assumed one of resentment turning to a downcast sullenness whilst the words………

Never as long as my arse points downwards will I consent to you going to sea. It’s a dog’s life, you will well end up a nobody!

There were lots more along the same lines delivered by the big man whose bearing exuded authority and a wholesome respect for the swiftness with which that same authority could dish-out chastisement both verbally and physically.

Mr Duffin, outside of whose place we were camped, was leaning over his front gate taking in the scene, engaging the Captain in idle chit-chat asked him

What are you going to do with it Captain

naturally “Big Ears” had to hear the Captain’s reply which was to the effect that he was going to site it on our land, fix it up with a couple of more rooms added, and live in it.

Oh, said Mr Duffin (a carpenter) But you are a seaman; how will you go about that?

Never fear, replied the Captain. I may be a seaman, but I sleep with the carpenter’s daughter, and that’s good enough for me.

May Daniel was often called upon to row her father, the Captain, out the ANZAC which had its burth in the “neck” of the Panmure Basin. The older brothers would have disappeared as not to be called upon to complete this task. May recalls her father’s words as he sat in the stern with her at mid-ships barely managing to get the oars to touch the water, such was the stature of her father, while the Captain would proclaim

            Put some more ginger into it!

At Jimmy’s wedding held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Khyber Pass where my parents had spliced the knot. Pop in loud tones, intended as a whisper to my mother, remarked,

It’s twenty five bloody years since I’ve been in here, it’s a wonder the bloody roof doesn’t cave in!

Lots of other people heard him. Mum was very upset and wouldn’t speak to the Captain for the rest of the “do”.